July 13, 2012

A Flash Friday Tip

Paper Tak (poster putty) makes wonderful repositionable platforms. 

A little bit of this putty can be rolled into a ball and placed on top of a small jar.

Then the image to be embellished can be placed on top.

I find this very helpful when I am using glue to add fine details to pieces.  This slight elevation allows me to work on the edges and not worry about the piece becoming attached and/or glued to the work surface.

After the embellishing is completed, it is easy to move the jar with the attachment to another area to dry thereby eliminating the chances of smudging the piece as it is transferred.  When the piece is dry, it can simply be removed from the Paper Tak and the putty can be saved for another project.

It is also great for temporarily securing items when working on cord or string attachments!

Happy Friday,