August 31, 2012

A Flash Friday Tip

Office supplies, such as binder clips, can be useful crafting tools!

They are wonderful for creating a vise.

Here a small brad is held steady for coloring and embellishing treatments.  A great alternative to using tweezers which require constant pressure to hold the item.  Plus the item can be left to dry without disengaging it from the clip which protects areas treated with inks, glues or glitter.

With the addition of a small piece of florist wire a hanger can be fashioned to hold buttons that have been treated with inks, glues and glitter and can be left to dry without either side being marred.

Here the binder clip is used as a clamp on the corner of a piece of chipboard that has been wrapped and covered with papers.  This is helpful to keep the papers tight and in position as the glue dries.

Tip/Hint:  Wrapping a small piece of clean white cardstock around the area before “clamping” helps prevent clip indentations from being molded into the paper as the glue dries.

The binder clips are also available in a wide range of sizes which adds to their versatility.  The small ones are adorable for card embellishments!