April 25, 2011

Hello Friend - Tombow Guest ArtistTutorial (Day 1 of 4)

Hello Friends!

This week I am excited to share with you stepped-out projects that I created for my guest designing appearance at Tombow.

Since I have lots to share, let's jump right in......(I have a special announcement too!)

Stamp the image with black pigment ink on watercolor paper and heat emboss with clear powder.  Apply Tombow Dual Pen #912 using the direct-to-paper method.   

Scribble color from Tombow Dual Brush Pens 055, 947 and 985 on a plastic palette.  Lift the colors from the palette with a damp paintbrush and begin transferring the colors to the image.

When applying color, blend some areas and leave others uncolored.  This will allow room for future blending as well as additional contrast to the overall image.


Add dots of Tombow Dual Brush Penn #899 (DTP/direct-to-paper) to the perimeter of the cat’s fur and areas where dark contrast is desired.  Blend just enough to combine the color into the image, but do not blend and cover the softer, lighter colored areas.

Build the color of the image by using the plastic palette transfer method and add Tombow Dual Brush Pen colors 899 and 985.

When the image is dry, add Tombow Dual Brush Pen colors #703 and #743 to the cat’s ears, nose and cheeks.  If you find the cheeks appear too dark, you can soften the color by lightly transferring a small amount of Tombow Dual Brush Pen #712 over the top. 

Trim the image and set aside.

Stamp two additional sets of balloons on watercolor paper and heat emboss with clear powder.  For a subtle polka dot texture, apply Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue to the balloons on the left and right of one full image and to the center balloon on the second image.

Let the glue dry.  Color the balloons with Tombow Dual Brush Pens 856, 055, 985 and 535.  When dry, cut around one full set of balloons and the middle balloon from the second stamped impression.

Stamp cat and sentiment on white cardstock with black pigment ink and heat emboss with clear powder.  To create a sky halo around the cat, use both DTP and Plastic Transfer methods to apply Tombow Dual Brush Pen #452.

Using the stamped image on the white cardstock as a guide, adhere the trimmed images with Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue.

Cut a Tombow 3D Tab in half to decrease the thickness and apply to the back of the individual trimmed balloon.  Using the “tab” application feature on the Tombow Permanent Stamp Runner, “stamp” adhesive on the exposed cut sides of the 3D tabs.  Adhere the balloon as shown.  To enhance the dimensional dots on the balloons, apply a second coat of Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Adhesive over the dots.

Layering the colored cardstocks is quick and easy with the Tombow Permanent Adhesive Stamp Runner.

Tomorrow I will be creating a decorative magnet.

For my special announcement - Recently I was asked by the extremely talented Jill Foster of Inspired By if she could feature some of my artwork as inspiration on her beautiful blog.  Not only am I extremely flattered and honored, but I'm so curious to see her "visions".  I hope you join me as I pop over all this week to take a peek.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


Penny Black Stamps:  Hello Friend 30-069
Penny Black “Mix & Match” Cardstock:  Fall Festival 16-003, Clear Skies 10-002
Tombow Dual Brush Pens:  055, 452, 535, 703, 743, 856, 899, 912, 947, 985  

Other Materials:
Watercolor Paper
Black Pigment Ink
Clear Embossing Powder
Heat Tool