August 19, 2013

Speed Sketching

Sometimes to warm up and to get those creative juices flowing, I do some speed sketching.

I let my hand flow with fast, deliberate strokes to capture the essence of a picture and I don't worry about being too exact.  It is all about not thinking and just letting go.

With just a few lines you can capture an image and practice proportion.  

Next I did some fashion poses.

 DSC04859   DSC04861

             DSC04858   DSC04862
Each of these drawings were quickly re-sketched, fine-tuned and had a bit of color added.

Even though I saw many disproportionate lines while working, the speed exercise kept me moving and not worrying about having "the perfect" end result.  It is amazing how much you learn when you don't over think your decisions.  

This was one of the last drawings during my session.  I'd been wanting to try painting a portrait with diluted acrylic paint and decided this was the time to give it a go.  

While all these drawings did not result in a finished project, the exercise reinforces letting art flow.   By removing self-imposed expectations and goals, experimentation becomes less stressful and the lessons learned carry forward into future designs.  

Enjoy your art journeys...